Branding is one of the relatively new concepts in marketing science. “A brand is a name, term, badge, or any other identity element that distinguishes a product or service of a group from others.” Creating a successful brand requires a branding process in a professional, practical and step-by-step manner. Branding is a delicate and complex activity, however it has numerous benefits that can be utilized for several years.

At Momentum, projects are executed on the basis of the “particular model of Momentum branding” and are accomplished in accordance with international standards. This model is the result of our cooperation with numerous international and domestic clients to whom we have been succeeded to offer the best high-quality branding services. This model is improved on each client specific conditions and becomes a dedicated solution.


Advertising is considered as of the most crucial marketing tools. Every year around the world, huge costs are spending for online and offline advertising. Nevertheless, it is like a double-edged sword. One edge is the effective and cost effective advertising which drives growth and flourishes, and the other edge refers to the advertisements that cause wasting capital and does not bring the desired results.

Therefore, we do not consider advertisements merely as a common practice, but the purpose of advertising and the use of appropriate media, along with the attention to the transfer of the right message and creative concepts, are the principles that we adhere to in Momentum Agency.


Design has a very important role in various departments of marketing industry. Almost everywhere you communicate with your audiences, from logo and corporate colours, to the website design, catalogue, and even the interior ambiance of the company, design is flaunted. Accordingly, designing professionally and regularly is one of our specialized services in Momentum Agency which leads to the creation of visual integrity in various components of our clients’ business.

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