Project Description


مشتری: شرکت آریان وگال

پروژه: هویت بصری جامع


Arian Vogal Co., is the exclusive representative of Belgium’s kreon lighting
and cabinet ceiling company in Iran. According to the managers of this group, the
goal of the company’s foundation is to achieve further growth benefiting from
modern technical knowledge which is derived from the world of science and
technology and is in accordance with international standards. Accordingly, the
company requested for a modern and minimal visual identity design following the
identity of the original Kreon Company in Belgium.


Organizing multiple meetings, completing the project summary form
(Brief Form), and examining the identity of Kreon brand in Belgium lead us to
design the logo and visual identity of this brand. With regard to brand
architecture and company future plans of development, visual identity has been
designed in such a way that using various colours for the logo first letter element
(form), can cover the services and products of this brand. The colour of element
on the original logo is red.

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