Project Description

Ruta Airlines

Client: Ruta Ukraine Airlines
Project: Branding and Comprehensive Visual Identity


Ruta Airlines was a newly established airline in Ukraine, requiring branding
on the basis of the culture and national customs of Ukraine.


Ruta flower is the national symbol of Ukraine. This red flower and its
sharp petals is printed in the design of many handicrafts, clothing and cultural
elements of Ukraine. After the brand identification and in order to design the
logo, the petal form was used in such a way that both petals together create the
shape of an airplane. Also, several petals are moving in the wind, which tries to
transfer the sense of flight to the audience.
In order to create the brand identity and to design its visual identity, emotional
identity has been applied. The reason for using the rota flower symbol and the
red and golden colours is to make the most conformity with the feelings and
culture of the Ukrainian people.

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