Project Description

Kipo application

Client: Bahar E-commerce Company
Project: Branding and Comprehensive Visual Identity


Bahar E-commerce Company launched a start-up in the field of financial
services and electronic wallets. To have a powerful presence alongside its rivals,
this start-up required a specific name, along with a proper brand identity and
attractive visual identity.


Branding unit of Momentum benefits from a multi-stage model to select
or build names for brands and companies. At the end of this process, we put
three names at the disposal of the client and eventually the brand "Kipo" was
chosen. This name is an abbreviation of "wallet" in Persian, attracts the audience
attention and is memorable along with the appropriate sound. This name also
means butterfly in Persian.
In the next step, Momentum design department started designing the logo based
on the identity of the Kipo brand. The logo is based on the theme of the Kipo
Start-up activity as well as the meaning of the Kipo word. Therefore, a
combination of two wallets has created a flying butterfly. In this way, along with
the wallet display, it transfers the comfort sense to pay through Kipo.
To select the corporate colour, the blue colour spectrum was used as the main
colour, which leads to a sense of trust in the audience.

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