Project Description

Damavand Mineral Water

Client: Damavand Mineral Water Co.
Project: Packaging design of mineral water bottles


Damavand Mineral Water Company, claiming the absence of a distinction
between the designs of mineral water bottles on the market, requested the
design of a special bottle of mineral water (VIP) in volume of 350 cc to supply in
some restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile, the project atmosphere of Damavand
Company was a traditional Iranian space.


According to Damavand Company brief, the design and packaging
process began. In this design, we went to the “Arabesque pattern”, one of the
seven main patterns in traditional Iranian painting.
Arabesque is an abstract chart of the life tree or the general form of the tree, and
has a conceptual affinity with water, which is believed as the source of life.
Subsequently the white colour which indicates purity, along with the blue colour
which is the people's image of the water colour, were chosen as the main colours
of the packaging.

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